A Thai “How do you think about Munich?”
A Japanese “What do you mean? Atmosphere?”
T “For everything. I mean, do you like to be here?”
J “Well, yes. I like food here, drink here, people here and the location here. There is almost nothing to complain. And it’s very beautiful place here you know, I like Munich to live.”
T “Hmm… me too. I like Munich all in all. Just like in Thailand, unlike in Japan I guess, there are no earthquakes and rare typhoons come here. But only the problem is the language… for us.”
J “You mean, German? Yeah, that’s true.”
T “We need English for our studies, but once we get away from the university and the classmates, it’s almost non-English world there.”
J “Maybe it’s possible to survive here without German, but I’m sure we’d better to learn it.”
T ”Ja, Genau…”

That’s one of conversations today. The life itself is fine, but the situation of languages here is still iffy, “BIMYOOO”… i would say it’s strange, but it’s also kind of interesting.