General Thoughts

Middle East Crisis

In these days, the topic, Middle East Crisis, occupies almost all time on CNN.

Everyday in southern Lebanon, many innocent civilians with quite high rate of children fall victims to the crisis…

Perhaps, I can say that I had never thought about Middle East. To date, a crisis there was a kind of another-world matter to me. Frankly speaking, I wasn’t interested in Middle East at all, and I’ve been feeling it’s nothing to do with me.

Now however, I have friends from Lebanon and other countries in Middle East. Their family and friends are in their home countries of course. It’s not a someone else’s problem any more.

I don’t know well about history of Middle East and the complicated background in relationship between Lebanon and Israel. But anyways, no matter how big reasons and motivations there are, they cannot and never be excuses for wounding innocent people.

I really hope that this crisis ends up with a peaceful way as soon as possible.